During 2006 the company built a new hot dip galvanizing plant.

The plant was built to meet the highest European standards and operate to EN ISO 1461.

The bath for the hot dip process has the following dimensions:

  • length – 3500mm;
  • width – 1500mm;
  • depth – 2500mm.

Advantages of the hot dip galvanize technology:

  • hot dip galvanizing offers a low initial cost over many other corrosion protection techniques;
  • this method of protection provides a long working life for products made from steel;
  • this technique does not require any additional material preparation, such as painting or inspection;
  • the protection offered by hot dip galvanizing is complete as all parts of the materials are protected;
  • including recesses,sharp corners and inaccessible areas;
  • the finished product is 100% recyclable with less energy required compare to other techniques.

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